Gumisil Advantages and Efficiency

GumiSil is a range of highly efficient, organic and mineral plant growth stimulators, rich in nutrients, made from natural peat using methods which guarantee long-lasting stability of their parameters, which improve and change the physical and chemical plant structure.

The product contains active mineral elements, inter alia, in the form of humic acid salt (water hydrolysate of humic acids created in peat hydrolysis), delivered in the form of a liquid concentrate, which after mixing with water is used for spraying (foliar application) and treating seeds before sowing.

By using our products in specific proportions it is possible to ensure proper conditions of the plants’ development through stimulation to fast adaptation and growth in backyard or field cultivation of spring and winter cereal plants, oily, vegetable, and orchard plants.

The biggest advantage of our stimulators is the achievement of measurable economic effects (significant yield increase, with a simultaneous reduction in using the principal fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, which are currently used intensively in agriculture).

The results of using GumiSil line products are as follows:

  • Decreasing production costs (by decreasing demand for the traditional fertilisers used so far),
  • Plant growth and development stimulation,
  • Activating absorption of nutrients,
  • Speeding up rooting and ripening,
  • Increasing and improving yield quality,
  • Improvement of soil microflora action,
  • Activation of protein, carbohydrate, and vitamin synthesis,
  • Increasing the plants’ resistance to stress caused by temperatures (low and high),
  • Decreasing heavy metal absorption

Stimulators Gumisil

Gumisil A

Spring and winter crops

  • wheat, rye,
  • barley, rice,
  • millet, oat

Gumisil B

Oily plants

  • corn, rapeseed, sunflower,
  • soybean, flax, cotton, cacao,
  • coconut, olive, nut, sesame

Gumisil C

Vegetables and root crops

  • potato, beetroot, carrot, turnip,
  • beans, peas, tomato, pepper,
  • cucumber, patisons, cabbage

Gumisil D

Orchards plants

  • apple, sour cherry, pear, plum,
  • peach, lemon, grapefruit, orange,
  • almonds, blueberry, grapes